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Managing out-of-the-box thinking engineers

29.03.2017 | Hardware, Management

Hardware development team brainstorming at the CEO’s sauna Cleveron’s team is just like a PackRobot, where all employees and teams need to work together for the whole company to function successfully. My duty is to ensure the hardware development team’s success. It is an intricate group that works in a peculiar manner. It has not been easy to develop a system, where all individual employees work well as well as function together as a team. It is an interesting system, where individuality and teamwork are valued. My team of engineers and specialists require teamwork in order to reach the goals set from above. We start every morning with a quick stand-up meeting to catch up with everyone’s tasks and progress. It is an easy way for everyone, but especially me, to know where each employee is standing. And it does not require a lot of effort, but gives great benefits. We also react as a team, when anyone hits a wall and gets stuck with a task. We might bounce ideas at the lunch room or take a whole day for brainstorming at an inspiring location. And sometimes we even take our problems to other departments to get some fresh eyes on the problem. I see the necessity of inter-department teamwork as well as co-operation between departments. But no team will work if the individual employees are not contributing. I believe that every team member must have a suitable work environment first and feel appreciated to put in maximum effort. I have created a freedom for my employees. I do not bind them in their work and instead of saying how to do, I just give them a goal to reach. They have the freedom to decide. They are most efficient, when they have created their own work processes and can remodel these. Suggestions for improvements and change is always welcome. I even encourage making mistakes and failures, because it means that they are trying and discovering new ways. I am truly happy to work with my team and will keep on working to provide them with best tools to succeed. We already have a system that guarantees us making it to the finish line, but we will always look for new ways to get there faster, smarter and easier.

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