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An outdoor battery-powered parcel locker for automated last-mile network’s sustainable expansion

Cleveron 354 is a battery-powered parcel locker that is easily scalable to expand the fully automated delivery locations network. Helping to reduce transportation costs and optimise last-mile delivery efficiency. Cleveron 354 has 12, 16, 20 & 24-slot modules with different slot sizes and amounts to meet business needs. The locker acts as a self-service, is 24/7 accessible and hands out orders within seconds, thus creating a superb experience for the end user.

Expandable click and collect parcel automation solution. Suitable for handling from 100 to more than 3000 parcels per day.

Omnichannel retailers who deliver products quickly and seamlessly, will be winners in the game of creating the best customer experience. Easy and fast in-store click and collect automated pickup will continue to create customer loyalty and enhance the customer shopping experience even further. Cleveron 402 is the fastest and most efficient solution to automate in-store click and collect pickup.

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Cloud-based indoor parcel locker with touchscreen. Suitable for handling 1-100 parcels per day.

The Cleveron 301 Plus is the easiest way to get started with automation. The indoor parcel machine equipped with a touchscreen makes pickup and parcel insertion user-friendly. Helps to store up to 55 parcels per square meter.

Aka the Pickup Tower – world’s first robotics-based click and collect automation solution. The parcel robot is suitable for handling 50–200 parcels per day.

In the world of fast-growing e-commerce, omnichannel retailers face many challenges. Among them are questions like how to decrease the costs of click and collect last-mile parcel delivery and how to increase omnichannel shopping experience. Revolutionary Cleveron 401 is the answer to these challenges.

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Automated parcel locker system as the last-mile delivery solution in retail and logistics sectors. Suitable for handling 20–100 parcels per day.

Cleveron 302 has been designed with e-commerce firmly in mind, from parcel delivery and collection to returns. Cleveron 302 is a parcel locker solution with modular column design and low maintenance cost. With improved ergonomics and patented drawer slots for small parcels and letters, Cleveron 302 parcel locker allows maximized capacity per square meter.

Cleveron 401 Outdoor is an outdoor parcel robot offering convenient parcel pickup service

Cleveron 401 Outdoor is available for your clients 24/7, providing a seamless omnichannel experience. The outdoor parcel robot can be installed in front of the store, in city centers, business districts, transportation hotspots or residential areas to serve as an extension of your business.
Cleveron 351 Plus is a compact outdoor locker suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises for parcel pickups and returns. 
The outdoor parcel locker offers a 24/7 human contactless pickup service, allowing companies to continue sales activities even when brick and mortar stores are closed. Cleveron 351 is easy to install and deploy and delivers goods to clients without additional shipping costs.
Cleveron 403 is an indoor parcel robot for smaller format stores. The robot can handle 25-200 parcels per day.

Cleveron 403 is designed for companies with smaller format stores, whose daily parcel volumes remain under 200 parcels. Cleveron 403 is a self-service automated pickup point for click and collect orders, offering a seamless omnichannel shopping experience for the end-user.

Modular outdoor parcel locker for 24/7 parcel delivery. Suitable for handling 20-100 parcels per day.
Cleveron 352 is a parcel locker made for outdoors, allowing companies to stay open all hours of the day. Thanks to the modular and compact column design, Cleveron 352 maximises capacity per square meter, making it incredibly efficient. The parcel locker is easy to install and comes equipped with easy-to-implement software.
Cleveron’s most space-efficient parcel robot for smaller format stores and small parcels. Capable of handling 20-300 parcels per day.
Cleveron 405 is an indoor parcel robot designed for smaller shops, like convenience stores, gas stations, businesses that are used as pick up - drop off points, or where buy-online-pickup-in-store services are in place.
Modular grocery locker for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for handling 20-150 parcels and grocery orders per day.

Cleveron 503 is a 2in1 solution – a refrigerated parcel locker for online grocery and standard parcel pickup. Cleveron 503 has three temperature-controlled modules: freezer, chilled and controlled-ambient. The locker acts as a self-service and hands out orders within seconds, thus creating a superb experience for the end-user.

24/7 self-service store and parcel pickup kiosk

Cleveron's self-service kiosk concept enables retailers to sell goods without needing a customer associate to be present. The end-user can communicate to an associate, located in another office or city, via video chat. To make a purchase, the end-user can choose a suitable product using the touch screen, pay for it and receive it from a parcel robot located behind the touch screen. The self-service store concept is suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Cleveron S2 is an easily integratable software platform used to operate and manage all Cleveron products. 

Cleveron S2 enables Cleveron’s customers to exchange information between parcel terminals and the client’s existing IT systems. S2 has a fast, intuitive and adjustable user interface for store employees, couriers, maintenance technicians and end-users.

Cleveron Software is a comprehensive solution for parcel locker management. Companies can now convert their locker network to the Cleveron Software platform.
Cleveron Software Solution streamlines parcel locker management and saves costs by consolidating a company's network onto a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple software solutions. Cleveron software is also easily adjustable to work with different manufacturers' parcel lockers, making it simple for companies to expand their network with Cleveron's solutions.
A modular parcel locker system can be used with Cleveron 302 locker and 400-series robots for oversized or odd-shaped parcels.

Cleveron 304 is an extension for your parcel locker or robot to fit the items that are too large for the main unit.

An outdoor parcel robot for grocery pickup. 

Cleveron 501 is a self-service automated pickup point that can be installed in various locations, taking the shop closer to the consumers. It includes freezer and regular climate zones, issuing orders within seconds, thus making the pickup fast and convenient for the end-user.

Cleveron's solutions are operated by Cleveron's S2 software platform. Cleveron S2 is a cloud-based software, easily integrated with any backend system by Public API protocol.

Cleveron is a full-service partner. We offer full life-cycle support for all our solutions worldwide.
Our support includes remote technical monitoring service to optimize system performance and minimize downtime. The main advantage of remote technical monitoring is that it enables to detect and solve 80% of hardware and software related issues from a distance. It means fast problem-solving and low maintenance costs.

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