Cloud-based smart mailbox in LAEV apartment building in Estonia



LAEV is an apartment building in Tallinn, Estonia that uses smart technology from top to bottom. One of the apartment building’s innovation is Cleveron’s cloud-based smart mailbox system, which is based on our parcel locker called Cleveron 301.

The smart mailbox system can hold anything from a regular letter to an e-commerce parcel. Cloud-based software turns the mailbox keyless as all actions go through an app. The user is always notified of the need to pick up their mail and can monitor and control their household with just one device.

Getting mail the high-tech way

LAEV apartment building’s developer and architects wanted to design the residence as smart as possible. They were looking for the latest solutions even for the most routine parts of everyday life to add an extra level of comfort and convenience for the residence of LAEVA.
Thanks to a cloud-based smart mailbox, the resident doesn’t have to wait for their mail or drive somewhere to receive a parcel. It also fits the brief of being a smart solution since a mobile application controls the mailbox.


Courier mode

The courier can access the mailbox system via the smartphone app. They scan the QR code on the locker, scan the parcel to sign it to a specific receiver, choose a slot and enter the parcel. When the receiver has several parcels in different sizes, the courier can simply assign several slots to one person


The recipient receives a notification once the parcel is placed in their “mailbox“. At the parcel locker, they scan the QR code to identify the location of the exact locker shelf

Parcel collection

The designated door opens for the receiver. If the end-user has several parcels, they can view a list in the app and open one slot after another to collect all parcels


LAEV apartment building uses Cleveron 301 with two columns. The outer design is tailored to fit the rest of the interior. There are three Cleveron 301 parcel lockers in the building


  Cleveron 301 in LAEV works on CollectNet software. CollectNet is a software as well as a service to help businesses and private clients to manage their parcels in the open network of parcel lockers


 Remote technical monitoring, maintenance and on-site maintenance by Cleveron

Smart mailbox solution is based on the intelligent parcel locker Cleveron 301

  • One of the first entirely smartphone operated parcel lockers in the world
  • Suitable for small parcels and letters
  • Modular column configuration offers flexible size selection
  • Stores up to 55 parcels per m2

Cloud-based smart mailbox system – so easy to use, so smart and different from what we had used before. It also enables to send a parcel without leaving your home or office. So easy and fast, an absolutely new era in the parcel logistics. A brilliant solution!

Kuldar Gil
Developer of smart apartment building LAEV

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