Head office

Reinu tee 48, 71020 Viljandi, Estonia
E-mail: [email protected]   
Phone: (+372) 435 4545

Cleveron AS
Registration Number: 11405467
VAT Number: EE101163969

Sales office

Valukoja 8, D lift, 11. floor, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (+372) 609 1671

Press inquiries

For press related inquiries, trade show participation and additional information, please contact:

Edith Väli

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Join Team Cleveron!

Cleveron is committed to building a worldwide network of distributors, service partners, and sales agents to help save time for people around the world. If you can't find a distributor in your area (below) or you'd like to represent us in your region, please reach out to us directly.

Contact us for more information

Become our sales agent

Cleveron is looking for sales agents who can find new connections and build meaningful business relationships based on their contact network. You’ll be a great match if you have been working in the retail sector and know your way around decision-makers. 

As a sales agent, you will be in charge of finding and contacting potential customers, presenting our solutions, developing a sales pipeline with Cleveron and assisting in concluding sales agreements.

Become our service partner

Cleveron’ service partners offer after-sales services in the local market. An ideal partner has customers in the retail sector and technicians available across the country or region. Service partners take care of Cleveron’s hardware for the clients, starting from site validation to servicing them for years to come.

Become our distributor

As Cleveron’s distributor, you’ll represent us in the local market for sales and services. You’ll be a great match if you’re involved in the retail sector, have retail customer references, and offer services such as installation and hardware maintenance.

As a distributor, you will seek new business opportunities, develop a sales pipeline with Cleveron, and conclude sales agreements. You will also oversee all Cleveron product-related operations for the clients.

Benefits of working with Cleveron:

  • State-of-the-art solutions
  • Opportunity to work with the top retailers in the world
  • Limitless opportunities in the market to choose from

Find a distributor in your area

North America

Rasmus Luhakooder

Sr. Regional Manager
Luxer One

South America

Marge Taivere

Sr. Regional Manager

Northern Europe

Kelly Veske

Sr. Regional Manager

Western Europe

Marge Taivere

Sr. Regional Manager
Dujardin Remmers
Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
InStore Solution

Central Europe (DACH region)

Sirly Tomingas-Lamp

Regional Manager
Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Eastern and Central Europe

Madis Ruusmann

Regional Manager
Croatia and Serbia
Grosek Group

Southern Europe

Jaagup Jalakas

Sr. Regional Manager
Italy, Spain, Portugal and Andorra

Middle East

Madis Ruusmann

Regional Manager
SPAN Group
Middle East

Oceania & Asia

Madis Ruusmann

Regional Manager
Australia and New Zealand

For additional information please send an e-mail

Edith Väli

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

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