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Parcel machines are not only for logistics and courier companies; each company and institution can put it into work for

them. A parcel locker is also suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Audi Bauhof Wihuri Agri Viljandi Hospital Pärnu Central Library Kookon Smart Storage


Audi Estonia - innovative car-dealership

Audi Estonia is an official Audi representation office in Estonia.

The challenge

Audi Tallinn was looking for a solution to enable customers to hand over and receive car keys conveniently after hours. COVID-19 restrictions were also challenging as shops and other service points had to be closed, and people had to avoid physical contact.

The solution

Audi representation saw a suitable solution in a parcel locker. They installed an outdoor solution Cleveron 351 in front of their building. Now customers can leave their car keys in the locker and collect those from there later. Customers can also receive online orders from the outdoor machine.

The customer's feedback

“Our customers use the parcel locker mainly after hours. This solution was received by our customers quickly, and the usage of the machine has constantly been increasing. Also customers often prefer to collect their online orders from our outdoor locker. Today, I can say that we successfully have established a system, which our customers use a lot, even though COVID-19 restrictions have now been lifted.”
Mikk Varjas, Member of the Board and Head of Service at Audi Tallinn

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Bauhof – leading construction and horticultural
chain in Estonia

The mission of Bauhof is to inspire people to build and garden with their wide range of goods and new idea solutions. 
Bauhof has an online store and 13 physical stores all over Estonia.

The challenge

Bauhof faced several challenges. Bauhof saw from the sales statistics that the customers prefer to collect their online orders in-store to avoid paying extra for delivery. Secondly, the horticultural chain also was looking for a solution to reduce queues during peak hours at stores. Thirdly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the stores had to be closed, and they started to look for solutions to offer free delivery for their customers who before collected their online orders in-store.

The solution

To solve those problems, Bauhof introduced the “Telli ja Nopi” (“Order and Collect”) delivery option to their online store and installed Cleveron 351 parcel machines in front of every Bauhof in Estonia. The customers can now pick up their online orders at the time that suits them the best, even late in the evening, without any delivery costs. Parcel lockers also reduced peak-hour queues.


The customer's feedback:

“We can see that parcel machines are a very convenient way for customers to pick up ordered goods; the customers usually pick up their packages within the same day. When a new wave of COVID-19 virus spread was expected in the spring of 2021, we decided to expand our parcel machine network to ensure the customers can receive their orders contactless in every Bauhof store.”
Priit Vao, Director of Ecommerce at Bauhof

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Wihuri Agri – innovative agricultural enterprise

Wihuri Agri is the official representative of John Deere agricultural, golf and garden equipment in Estonia – they sell equipment, spare parts, and rent the equipment.

The challenge

The problem was quite common, which arises when offering the last mile service – how to deliver goods efficiently to the customer, with a short delivery time, while creating a comfortable customer experience. Wihuri Agri employees often worked over hours to hand over ordered goods to customers, especially during the peak agricultural season.

The solution

Wihuri Agri installed Cleveron 351 parcel lockers near their offices to deliver online orders, urgent spare parts orders and hand over agricultural machinery.  The lockers are also used as key cabinets – the customers can collect the keys of the rented machinery from the locker or leave those there. The parcel locker helps to save time for Wihuri Agri's employees and their customers; it is also an essential product during peak agricultural seasons.

The customer's feedback 

“We are satisfied with the product, and we believe that this investment will help us save enough of the most valuable resource – TIME. Parcel machines are essential to our flexible and high-level customer service, offering convenience and innovative and secure trade.”
Antti Kelner, Head of the Aftermarket at Wihuri Agri 

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Viljandi Hospital – the first hospital in Estonia to have introduced a hospital’s parcel locker

Viljandi Hospital is one of the largest general hospitals in Estonia. 

The challenge

During the COVID-19 pandemic in Estonia, visitors were not allowed to visit patients in treatment. However, family members wanted to leave small necessities or some mood-lifting gifts for the patients. Viljandi Hospital started to look for different possibilities to make it possible for visitors to leave packages for patients when they are not allowed inside of the hospital. To hire an extra staff member to receive packages didn’t seem reasonable.

The solution

Viljandi Hospital installed a Cleveron 351 parcel locker near the hospital’s main entrance. Visitors can now leave their parcels in the device 24 hours a day, at a suitable time for them. The parcel locker is also a good solution for people who live farther away and can’t be there during working hours – now they can still leave packages. Hospital staff members then collect the boxes at a suitable time and deliver them to the right persons.

The customer's feedback

“We are very pleased that the relatives or friends of the patients can now bring packages to patients at a time that suits them the best, and the staff can pick them up according to how the workflow allows. I will certainly encourage other health and welfare institutions to try solutions that allow for more meaningful use of the workforce."
Krista Valdvee, the Head of Cooperation Services at Viljandi Hospital Foundation

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Pärnu Central Library – several libraries across Estonia have introduced their library parcel lockers


The challenge

When the COVID-19 virus spread, most public venues and stores had to close their doors, including libraries. It was challenging for the libraries as they looked for possibilities to be there for their community. They started to look for a solution how to borrow books without human contact.

The solution 

Pärnu Central Library installed an outdoor parcel locker to hand out borrowed books. The parcel locker gives people the freedom to choose when it’s convenient for them to pick up their books. Also, if the person cannot pick up the books themselves, they can pass the door code to someone who could do it for them. Many libraries across Estonia hand out around 400-600 book orders per month. Today over fifty libraries in Estonia have their own lockers.

The customer's feedback

“Readers have very well received the possibility of using a library’s locker. The outdoor solution allows readers to plan their time more flexibly; receiving books is no longer related to the library's opening hours. A large number of people come and pick up their orders around eight or nine o’clock in the evening and on the weekends when the library is closed."
Marina Jantson, Chief Service Specialist of Pärnu Central Library

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Kookon – a lessor of warehouse space using
innovative solutions

While renting warehouse space may otherwise seem like a relatively simple service, Kookon has taken it to a whole new level.
Customers can control their Kookon’s space remotely.

The challenge

Kookon wants to deliver the best user experience for its customers. They wanted to offer a solution for their customers to hand over and receive packages remotely as well without human contact.

The solution

Kookon installed Cleveron 351 parcel locker near to their warehouse. Kookon’s customers can leave packages in the parcel machine or ask others to do so without seeing them or letting them in their warehouse. The solution is a convenient and time-saving way to hand over goods without human contact. 

The customer's feedback

“Our customers always have a real-time video image of what is happening around their warehouse. Or, if someone wants to leave the package in the warehouse, it can be solved with a few finger presses, so the customer does not have to go to the warehouse. The increase in the quality of life through such a service is high."
Rait Minumets, founder of Kookon intelligent warehouse solution

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