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Video approach helps us to find the real talent

12.03.2017 | Employees, Management
Employees are the greatest resource of any firm. But the most valuable employees are those, who are enthusiastic, motivated and believe in the firm. Finding those gold star employees is not easy. However the new approach shows good results. I have tried different ways and tasks, and have settled on one - video CV. It might seem intimidating, it can be a challenge, and potential employees often don’t understand the reason behind it. But I see clear benefits in using video CV as a hiring tool. For me, video CV is much more than just a way to see or hear potential employees. It helps me to understand the candidate. Those, who choose to submit a video CV, show that they are not afraid of the challenges. They show that they are able to take initiative and face new situations. They are often creative thinkers, who are not bound by in-the-box thinking. Being a startup-minded and rapidly changing company, these qualities are highly appreciated in our employees. In winter 2016, Cleveron hired 20 employees. Each and every one of these employees stood out from the crowd thanks to their video CV. They proved me that they are not looking for any job, but are interested in working in Cleveron. When Cleveron benefits from our employees, then we are determined to return the favour. Our employees enjoy extra vacation days, health packages, and free lunches. Check out available positions at www.cleveron.eu/careers and apply now! Don’t be afraid of the video CV. And send us your application even if you don’t think you qualify. Outstanding employees are always welcome at Cleveron!  

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