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The Estonian Association of E-Commerce and SmartPOST have concluded a memorandum of co-operation


Estonian e-commerce has a huge potential to catch up with the developed countries. Studies show that one of the obstacles to the development of e-trade has been low quality and high prices of the existing postal and logistics services. SmartPOST with its modern self-servicing parcel lockers has come to the market to significantly improve this area. We will do everything to promote more and more Estonian consumers to decide in favor of e-commerce. SmartPOST has high quality and is lower priced logistics service. Consequently, our co-operation with the Estonian Association of E-Commerce might help with promoting. We have found a brilliant co-operation partner in the Estonian Association of E-Commerce. Of course, we see a huge potential in our mutual co-operation. This is why we will grant to every member of the Association of E-Commerce more favorable price for our services.

The Estonian Association of E-Commerce brings together the businesses that are engaged in Internet commerce. The Association of E-Commerce aims to represent the common interests of its members. In addition, increase the reliability and popularity of the e-commerce in Estonia.

SmartPOST is a logistics company that is engaged in delivery of goods purchased by the clients of the Internet vendors and mail-order catalogues. For this purpose, SmartPOST uses “self-servicing post offices”, or parcel lockers. Parcel lockers locate in shopping centers all over Estonia. Hence making delivery of goods faster, more convenient and cheaper as compared to the regular post office.

For more information:
Ms. Sirja Mäekivi
Member of the board, Estonian Association of E-Commerce
Ph. 55 678 201
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.e-kaubanduseliit.ee

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