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Usage rate of parcel terminals is growing / Press release


A domestic company SmartPOST started installation of its network of parcel terminals in the last year. Lately, SmartPOST has noticed a rapid growth in usage rates of parcel lockers. As of today, 35 SmartPOST parcel locker network is in Selvers and other shopping centers all over Estonia.

CEO of SmartPOST Indrek Oolup says that one could compare parcel lockers with ATMs. When the ATMs first emerged, many people still preferred to get their cash from the bank assistant at the bank branch. Now it is rather rare that anyone would ever go to bank office to collect cash. Positive feedback from our clients proves that the same can result with post offices, says Oolup.

Use of parcel lockers will definitely continue growing. Because of a new feature, everyone can use parcel lockers to send their own parcels. One does not have to go to a bus station or a post office to send the parcel. One can send or receive the parcels along other activities in the shopping center. Notably, do it for a remarkably lower price,

describes Oolup positive aspects of the terminals.

The number of Internet retailers and mail order companies, which goods could be delivered to parcel lockers is growing rapidly. Currently, there are more than 100 such vendors. Including such major mail order catalogues like Otto and Quelle as well as ON24 Sisustuskaubamaja.

According to Oolup, rapid increase of popularity of parcel lockers indicates that Estonians are innovative and accept technological improvements rather fast, for the parcel sending and receiving service offered by SmartPOST parcel lockers is the most modern in the entire world. The similar country-wide service can be found nowhere in the world besides Estonia and Germany.

SmartPOST OÜ is a logistics company that aims to make delivery and reception of goods purchased mainly from web vendors and mail order companies as prompt and convenient as possible, and to offer a best method for domestic distribution of postal parcels.

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