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DPD joins Collect.Net shared network of parcel terminals


Cleveron is pleased to announce that we have formed a cooperation with parcel delivery company DPD. As a result of the agreement, DPD has joined Collect.Net shared network of parcel terminals to begin using Cleveron’s PackRobots.

Collect.Net network consists of eight PackRobots installed in four bigger cities in Estonia and work on the principle of shared network. This means that any courier company can use the terminals for their deliveries. However, PackRobots are available also for online stores and end consumers, who have the possibility to use these as hand over points. DPD is not the only company already using Collect.net network. Last year, DHL begun using PackRobots as their delivery points.

“Joining Cleveron Collect.Net network of robotics based parcel terminals brings us closer to our customers. Everyone is able to choose whether they receive their parcel from DPD parcel locker, Pickup parcel point or Cleveron PackRobot.” says the CEO of DPD, Rainer Rohtla. “In addition to the expansion of our network, cooperation with Cleveron provides us with innovation that is one of DPD’s priorities when considering the growth of e-commerce.”

The manager of Collect.Net, Kaur Ojakivi states that the decision of cooperation with DPD was an easy one as DPD stands out for their innovative mindset. Therefore the visions of the two companies overlap. “We have several new solutions in development that will be integrated to the network in the future and we hope that our cooperation with DPD will be long-term.”

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