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Three Key Advantages Why Battery-Powered Parcel Lockers Are the Flagship of Delivery Efficiency

28.06.2023 | Cleveron 354, Battery-powered locker, battery-powered parcel locker
In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient and secure delivery solutions are essential to meet the growing demands of online shoppers. Battery-powered parcel lockers have emerged as game-changers, offering distinct advantages in building an efficient last-mile delivery network. By harnessing the power of batteries, these innovative lockers provide a range of benefits that enhance the delivery experience for both delivery companies and customers. Cleveron, the innovation leader in creating robotic parcel solutions, has launched the first battery-powered parcel locker – a revolutionary solution in the last-mile delivery industry.

Flexibility and Mobility

Battery-powered parcel lockers offer unparalleled flexibility and mobility. Unlike lockers that rely on electricity, battery-powered lockers can be installed almost anywhere without needing extensive site preparations. This flexibility allows delivery companies to deploy lockers in strategic locations, such as the rural area with less population density, apartment complexes, shopping centres, and office buildings, expanding their reach and convenience for customers.

The mobility of battery-powered parcel lockers makes them ideal for fast adaption according to parcel volumes and reaching potential maximum capacity. Delivery companies can easily move lockers' extra modules to different locations, optimising their delivery network based on changing customer needs and seasonal variations. This agility in deployment ensures that parcels can be conveniently accessed by customers, regardless of their location.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Battery-powered parcel lockers offer reliable and sustainable solutions for the delivery industry. These lockers operate without any grid connection and the actively used locker’s battery life is up to 8 years without charging and replacement.

Arti Kütt, Cleveron’s CEO, comments on the efficient and environmental advantages that logistic companies can gain from it: “Battery-powered parcel lockers offer solutions that are a necessity in reducing our environmental footprint. The efficiency of installing these lockers in rural and suburban areas allows last-mile logistics companies to reach closer to clients and serve customers in previously underserved locations. Delivering multiple parcels to one central location and reducing door-to-door delivery decreases couriers' contribution to traffic congestion in more dense areas and lowers carbon dioxide emissions by 70%. Adopting this solution contributes to a more efficient and sustainable future.”

Online Overview

Cleveron’s latest battery-powered Cleveron 354 key advantage from the technical point of view is the end-user access to the parcel retrieval system without downloading the separate application for collection. The receiver will enter the pickup code into the PIN pad and can easily collect the parcel. The information about pickup will be sent to the network operator who has an online overview of the events.

Online monitoring revolutionises parcel management and tracking. Feature of online overview events is provided through near real-time online monitoring capabilities – enabling delivery companies to efficiently manage their operations, optimise resources, and address any issues promptly.

The integration of advanced technologies takes low-power consumption monitoring capabilities to new heights enabling secure and energy-efficient communication between the locker and the server. This solution is innovative and groundbreaking in the wireless parcel locker industry without making any exceptions in user experience and offering the same capabilities as grid-dependent lockers.

Battery-powered parcel lockers redefine delivery efficiency by offering solutions to last-mile delivery bottlenecks. The flexibility and mobility of battery-powered lockers empower companies to adapt to changing delivery needs and optimise their networks. Their reliability and sustainability make them an environmentally friendly choice for the future of delivery services. Having an online overview enables delivery companies to streamline operations, expand automated networks, maintain exceptional user experience, and expand to strategic locations supported by monitoring capabilities. Battery-powered parcel lockers will be a great strategic step towards revolutionising the delivery experience and meeting customer expectations with efficiency and convenience.

Cleveron is an Estonian tech company and the world’s innovation leader in creating robotic parcel solutions to automate last-mile click-and-collect. In addition to continuously developing hardware and software, Cleveron provides training, and support as well as remote and on-site maintenance to their clients worldwide. With the help of Cleveron's solutions, companies reduce last-mile delivery costs, streamline parcel delivery and return operations and improve the omnichannel customer experience. Cleveron's drive is to help people save time by creating innovative parcel robots and lockers that eliminate repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks from people's lives. Cleveron's parcel lockers and robots handle nearly 20 million parcels globally each year, from our native Estonia to Peru and Saudi Arabia.

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