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Cleveron 402 Selected as the Finalist at the DesignEuropa Awards

04.07.2023 | Cleveron 402, DesignEuropa Awards, Finalist
Cleveron, a leading last-mile parcel delivery solutions developer and provider, is selected as a finalist at the DesignEuropa Awards. Cleveron's innovative parcel robot, Cleveron 402, has been recognised in the industry award category. The DesignEuropa Awards acknowledges and honours outstanding products and designers in the field of industrial design.
Launched in 2018, the Cleveron 402 represents a breakthrough in high-tech self-service parcel delivery, specifically designed to automate click-and-collect operations for retailers. Capable of handling a range of 100 to over 3000 parcels per day, the parcel induction takes a mere 10 seconds. Currently deployed in more than thirty countries worldwide, retail industry giants such as Inditex/Zara and Falabella use Cleveron 402.

Cleveron’s CEO Arti Kütt shares his excitement about the shortlist nomination and emphasises that innovation is central to Cleveon’s product development. “Cleveron 402 is one of the key products in our portfolio, and well-known retailers around the globe trust it. I’m glad that it is now also recognised at the DesignEuropa Awards. Our solutions help companies to reduce last-mile delivery costs, streamline parcel operations, and elevate the omnichannel customer experience.” Kütt adds, “We are working daily towards offering high-quality solutions and holistic service to our customers.”

Lauri Hirvesaar, Cleveron’s Design Lead and the driving force behind the design of Cleveron 402, shared his enthusiasm about the nomination and highlighted the importance of design thinking. “As a designer, I aim to identify what needs to be designed and whether I'm solving a problem before the design process begins.” He stresses the importance of considering the customer journey and usability in product creation. “The console of Cleveron 402, serving as the primary touchpoint for customers, is designed to be user-friendly and visually distinctive. We have received feedback from our customers that one reason they chose Cleveron 402 for their click-and-collect automation is its appealing aesthetics.”

The DesignEuropa Awards’ industry category acknowledges exemplary entries from large and medium-sized companies. Previous winners have included renowned brands such as Philips, Artis and Thule. This year the DesignEuropa Awards received nearly 700 applications and nominations from 43 countries. In each category the joury names four finalists.

The DesignEuropa Awards are organised every two years by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The awards pay tribute to designs that are protected as registered Community designs. Managed by the EUIPO, the registered Community design is an intellectual property right that grants exclusive protection to the appearance of a product, or part of it, in all EU Member States.

The award ceremony takes place in Berlin on September 5th 2023.

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