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Cleveron launches the world’s first grocery robot with two temperature zones

21.08.2019 | Cleveron, Cleveron 501, Grocery Robot

Cleveron introduces Cleveron 501, a one-of-a-kind grocery robot that enables grocery pick-up in just 20 seconds. Cleveron 501 is an efficient delivery alternative to home delivery, making grocery click and collect cheaper, faster and more convenient for both grocers and consumers.  

“Cleveron is known for creating innovative click and collect solutions for the world’s biggest retailers. With Cleveron 501, we are going one step further and entering the grocery click and collect market. The principles of our robots remain the same – they will save time for everyone, “ said Cleveron’s CEO Arno Kütt. “Time is one of the most valuable resources, and it shouldn’t be wasted queuing in stores or waiting for a courier at home. With Cleveron 501 you can pick up your everyday groceries whenever and wherever it is suitable for you. The potential for grocery robots is also tremendous – grocery delivery can now move closer to the consumers and offer a much-needed service in places where it has previously been unattainable, like in business districts, where there is not enough room for supermarkets,“ Kütt added. 

Cleveron 501 helps to offer an excellent experience for click and collect customers – a segment which is undoubtably growing. It is expected that the US online food and beverage sales will grow 18.2% to $19.89 billion in 2019. By 2023, the online grocery sales are anticipated to more than quadruple

As a unique solution in the click and collect market, Cleveron 501 is available in two temperature zones. The standard model is a single temperature unit with an adjustable internal temperature between +2 °C...+25 °C (+36 °F...+77 °F). It also has an optional freezer zone with the controlled temperature of -18 °C (0 °F). This makes the grocery robot suitable for storing both perishables and frozen food, ensuring the high quality of goods at the moment of pickup by the consumer.  

Operating the grocery robot is a time-saving solution for the grocers, couriers and customers. The robot is filled through one user console so there is no need to walk between different locker doors. The customers can collect their groceries by scanning or entering the order code at the console after which the robot will present their order. The grocery pickup can be completed in just 20 seconds.  

Client picking up grocery bags from Cleveron 501 grocery robot

Cleveron 501 enables grocers to offer 24/7 convenient self-service outdoor pick up right where their customers are. The footprint can be compared to an average parking space and setting up the robot requires only a solid surface, power and a network cable. This makes it possible to offer pickup services next to the original supermarket, in busy city centers, university campuses and other locations where retail space is scarce or expensive. Cleveron 501 is available in two sizes, with a maximum hold of up to 276 crates.

Cleveron 501 is the first grocery robot for the Estonian-based Cleveron, which provides robotics-based click and collect solutions to some of the biggest names in retail, like Walmart (Cleveron 401 or the Pickup Tower), Zara (Cleveron 402), The Warehouse (Cleveron 401), Decathlon (Cleveron 402) and others. Cleveron’s parcel robots and lockers are used in 22 countries, issuing 1.3 million parcels every month.

More information and videos: Cleveron 501

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