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Telia opened its first self-service store in Estonia in cooperation with Cleveron

18.05.2021 | Cleveron, Self-service kiosk

Telia, telecommunication company in the Nordics and Baltics, in cooperation with Estonian technology company Cleveron opened the first self-service office in Tartu, Estonia. A unique solution on a global scale will operate in Tartu Lõunakeskus as a pilot project until mid-August.

The self-service office, developed in cooperation between Telia and Cleveron, is a unique solution on a global scale at the heart of which is Cleveron's innovative parcel robot with a large customer service screen. The customer can contact Telia's call centre consultant using the touchscreen. The screen also has a payment solution so the client can pay for the goods. They will get an order code and can take the goods out with the same code from the already pre-filled parcel robot. With the payment solution included with the screen, you are able to pay for the goods and then immediately withdraw your necessary products with the code provided from the parcel robot which has already been filled beforehand. The pre-filled parcel robot provides the opportunity to pick up digital TV tuners, routers, SIM cards as well as telephones, for example.

According to Cleveron's project manager Arti Kütt, it is time to change the way of thinking that a parcel robot is only for parcels. "A parcel robot is actually a solution for delivering goods and these can include any sort of different articles. The customer service screen adds another dimension to the parcel machine - it turns the whole symbiosis into something new, i.e. a smart self-service store.”

Kütt pointed out that an autonomous representation is several times cheaper to maintain than a traditional way of representation. In addition, automatic representation provides the ability to work around the clock: "This kind of self-service point also makes it easier to avoid human contacts which have become very important in the current situation."

According to Katre Liiberg, Head of Estonian Sales and Customer Service at Telia, the goal of self-service offices is to have them in places where Telia does not have an office today, but where customers still want to replace their appliances, purchase new ones or conveniently receive ordered goods. Although the initial plan was to open the first solution in another, smaller Estonian town Rapla, a suitable location for piloting was not found. According to Liiberg, however, the search continues:

"We have long been looking for an opportunity to sustainably restore our presence in smaller towns across Estonia. From the community standpoint, the network of regional service points is of utmost importance, nevertheless, the solutions used up until this day have not been commercially sustainable. At the same time, as an Estonian company, we have the desire to contribute to the development of society. We see that this innovative solution will help us improve the regional availability of services and support while increasing people's skills in using digital solutions. Self-service representations are our way of solving structural concerns in an innovative and sustainable way,” said Liiberg.

About Telia
Telia is the leading mobile operator and supplier of telecom services in Estonia. The company has a comprehensive range of mobile and fixed services for businesses and consumers. Telia is a focused Nordics & Baltics integrated digital operator on a mission to build a new digital society, empowering people, companies and societies to stay in touch with everything that matters to them.

About Cleveron
Cleveron is the leading provider of automated pickup solutions, known for its reliability and comprehensive product portfolio. The Estonian technology company has provided parcel automation technology for the world’s largest retailers, grocers and logistics companies for over 13 years. With machines in over 34 countries worldwide, Cleveron has been named one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies by the Financial Times.

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