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How Are World-Leading Retailers Stepping Up Their Omnichannel Game

10.10.2022 | Cleveron, Inditex, Zara, Falabella, Cleveron 402

The significance of omnichannel shopping is increasing rapidly, making it necessary to provide a seamless experience for both online and offline shoppers. According to Statista, 18.8% of retail sales were made online in 2021. This makes up almost one-fifth of all sales and companies without omnichannel solutions are missing out on great business potential. What are the advantages of developing such systems in the stores and how to maximize profitability with automating parcel handover?

Retailers are leveling up their omnichannel game by automating repetitive procedures that take too much valuable time from employees and customers. One of the components for improving NPS scores and strengthening customer satisfaction is the phygital experience where the physical and digital business opportunities meet – this includes every aspect of online shopping up until last-mile parcel delivery. How have leading retail companies reduced pain points for click and collect shoppers?

Inditex Automated Order Pickup Seamlessly With Parcel Robots

Zara (Inditex) is at the forefront of providing a seamless shopping experience across all channels. From self-checkouts to a user-friendly online store or even fitting room reservation, customers are offered multiple options to interact with the brand as they find most convenient. With thousands of online orders to hand out per store per day, Zara wanted to reduce friction points within their stores. The solution? Robotics.

Inditex has successfully introduced robotics into their omnichannel offering, as 100 parcel robots have been implemented to date in nearly 30 countries around the globe. Clients can easily collect the item purchased online without having to wait in the checkout line. With click and collect, a customer can pick up an order within 10 seconds, making it the most efficient way to hand over online orders.

Inditex is using one of Cleveron’s flagship products Cleveron 402, which is the most capable and innovative robotic last-mile solution on the market. The automated robotic solution helps to optimize the use of space – the business can expand retail space to generate more profit. Also, it helps to save the time of store employees and instead of handing over online orders, employees can perform other valuable tasks, such as consulting customers.

The robot can be built into the store’s interior for a seamless look, but also be a stand-alone unit and branded to match the company’s visual identity. The robot can be used in the selling space for customer parcel pickup or in a warehouse to store parcels.

Zara is a great example in the retail industry of how to create an impeccable omnichannel experience. From the minute you step into the store or visit the online shop until the moment of check-out – every step of the customer experience is thought out.

Falabella Increased Parcel Collection Efficiency by 800% With Last-Mile Automation

Latin America’s leading retailer Falabella increased their parcel collection efficiency by 800% with the integration of Cleveron 402. The robot was warmly welcomed by customers, which is clearly shown in collection statistics – nearly 60% of online orders are picked up through the Cleveron 402 terminals.

Falabella puts their customers at the heart of their decisions. Their main goal is to transform the customers’ shopping experience by implementing unique and innovative omnichannel strategies. Part of their omnichannel strategy is bringing the physical and digital realms together to create an enjoyable experience for each customer, however, they choose to shop.

According to Sirly, Regional Manager at Cleveron, companies are able to trace and monitor the key elements with automated parcel management. “Parcels won’t get lost, every step is documented and tracked. The tracking system with robotics gives a better understanding of clients' behavior – how long the parcel sits in the robot and what time it is picked up. The statistics and knowledge help to improve the quality of the service and improve the user experience,” she says.

Providing an automated and compact solution for parcel management helps to eliminate long lines from stores, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and increase customer satisfaction. As the significance of omnichannel solutions in retail keeps rising to increase efficiency, Inditex and Falabella are great examples of how to create a seamless and convenient omnichannel retail experience for customers.

Come and Try Out Cleveron’s Robots at Gitex Exhibit

To start automating your last-mile deliveries, reach out to our team of experts at the Gitex Exhibit on 11-14th October in Dubai World Trade Centre or contact [email protected]. Our team of experts are at the exhibit to help you find most suitable solutions for your business needs.

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Cleveron is an Estonian tech company and the world’s innovation leader in creating robotic parcel solutions to automate last-mile click and collect. In addition to continuously developing hardware and software, Cleveron provides training, and support as well as remote and on-site maintenance to our clients worldwide. With the help of Cleveron's solutions, companies reduce last-mile delivery costs, streamline parcel delivery and return operations and improve the omnichannel customer experience. Cleveron's drive is to help people save time by creating innovative parcel robots and APMs that eliminate repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks from people's lives. Cleveron's parcel lockers and robots handle nearly 20 million parcels globally each year, from our native Estonia to Peru and Saudi Arabia.

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