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HMY becomes Cleveron’s distributor in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Andorra

07.07.2020 | Cleveron, HMY

Cleveron welcomes HMY as our official distributor in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. We are excited for the partnership and are looking forward to providing our solutions in the region.

HMY writes: 

Automated deliveries for online shopping, yet another step towards true omnichannel in post-COVID 19 retail

  • The leading retail companies around the globe are betting on automated stocking and delivery systems to make choose-your-pick-up-point of online purchases even more agile.
  • Thanks to these systems, brands and retailers can deliver up to 3,000 orders per day, with almost no personnel involved.

Delivery of eCommerce purchases –or last-mile logistics- has been a hot topic for the last few months. The quarantines (compulsory or recommended), the physical store lockdowns in some countries, and the consequent growth of online purchases have put the need to develop stronger shopping delivery models in the spotlight, especially in the food industry.

A need that up until now had been solved by third party operators. A booming business with years of growth in both benefits and investments as per January 2020 data but is now beginning to show its limitations. 

Retailers are taking over logistics' I+D+i investment

Faced with this situation, more and more retailers are looking for and investing in alternatives that complement home deliveries. Something that consumers also demand, as shown by the latest studies, is the trend known as BOPIS (Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store). The data from these studies show that the revenue from this type of sales has grown between 35% and 55% in 2019.

This phenomenon has led to the development of robotic Click & Collect. An evolution of the locker systems that dispense with individual lockers in favor of a closed circuit of sensors and robotics. This circuit is responsible for organizing the packages inside and delivering them to the client through a single entry/exit point. In essence, autonomous and large-capacity micro-warehouses that can be installed both inside and outside the points of sale. 

Added benefits to the food sector

Last-mile strategies have proven tricky to all industries, but the B2C food industry has the most difficulties in this particular area. Mainly: the size of the average purchase and the need for specialized (cold) storage and transportation make options limited and expensive.

That's why automated click and collect systems will have a significant impact in this sector. Bigger size options and controlled temperature will finally allow retailers to offer customers different and more convenient pick-up points for their online purchases, solving the main reasons online grocery shopping hadn't taken off already.

Proof of this is the investments already made by large retailers in northern Europe, US, and South America. 

The table is set in the south of Europe

Two huge retailers of the fashion sector and the food industry have already invested in these systems in Spain and Italy. A move they are convinced will allow them to continue leading their markets by reducing their employees' workload, increasing their delivery capabilities and improving their relationship with their customers. We'll most likely see a trend in an increasing number of places and sectors in no time.

The two key companies helping retailers achieve just that in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Andorra are Cleveron and HMY. Their recent agreement as developer/manufacturer and distributor respectively will allow them to reach all the South of Europe from last month.

Through this deal, HMY will provide assessment, installation and maintenance services of the automated and non-automated click & collect systems made by Cleveron to retailers of every size and sector to help them launch their necessary omnichannel strategies. 

About HMY

HMY is the leading international provider of 360º projects for retail. The company has a history of more than 60 years offering engineering, manufacturing, and assembly solutions for retail as well as consultancy, design, architectural, lighting, technological and project management services. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of brands, retailers, and consumers, HMY can analyze and anticipate the repercussions of the changes the consumer behavior suffers. HMY is present in more than 190 countries, providing services at a global scale to retailers from all sectors. 

About Cleveron

Cleveron, founded in 2007, is an Estonia-based software and hardware company that provides innovative last-mile solutions for the world’s largest retailers, grocers and logistics companies. Cleveron’s 3,800 parcel terminals can be found in 26 countries around the world. On average, 1.3 million packages are delivered through the terminals each month.

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