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Cleveron’s new locker system supports the automation process of larger parcels

25.04.2023 | Cleveron 304, Large items, Odd-shaped parcels, parcel locker

Parcel locker innovator Cleveron launches a modular indoor locker system that retailers can use for large and odd-shaped parcel handover for end-users. The Cleveron 304 enables retailers to make their pickup faster and offers convenience while saving on delivery costs. The locker is the best tool to combine with other units meant for smaller parcels to help fully automate last-mile delivery.

The significance of online orders has rapidly increased over the past few years. Consumers are finding click-and-collect solutions relevant more than ever. The development of omnichannel solutions improves user experience and supports an increase in-store sales. Arti Kütt, CEO at Cleveron, says that the solution gives a completely new standpoint to larger parcel handover: “Cleveron 304 supports improving the shopping experience and increases foot traffic in the store where the locker system is operated. The solution holds larger parcels while the client does extra purchases in-store and can collect online orders from the locker after the shopping.” He also adds that Cleveron's other global retail customers have also pointed out that stores with parcel automation systems have a higher NPS score compared to stores that don't have the systems.

Increases in-store foot traffic

Cleveron 304 is a modular parcel locker system that is flexible for retailers needing to hand over odd-shaped items or parcels too large for the main unit. Cleveron units communicate via the central unit’s console. The procedure is easy: the customer places an order online, and the store’s associate processes the order. After parcel insertion, the client receives the pickup code on their phone and takes the order out of the locker via the main unit’s console in less than a minute.

When a customer picks up the order from the store, the chances are high that they will notice something desirable and will do an extra purchase. From a parcel unit they can collect their parcels conveniently, fast and easy parcel pickup guarantees an enjoyable user experience, resulting in returning customers.

Fully automates parcel handover

Cleveron 304 can be used in combination with Cleveron 400-series robots or Cleveron 302 locker – the products that are equipped with touchscreen consoles. Parcel insertion and retrieval is quick and easy with the automated system. Parcel robots and lockers free up store associates' time and allows them to handle more valuable tasks.

The locker system can easily be adapted to suit retailers' needs with its modularity. Each module comes in three different layouts and sizes. The combination of the two Cleveron units pickup allows companies to aim for fully automated last-mile delivery.

Positive effect on transportation and workforce

Combining smaller and larger parcel handovers in-store allows the automation of a great amount of ordering operations that store associates usually do. After the processing of the order, the parcel is handed over to a courier – this procedure mostly regards larger parcels.

Providing an automated in-store pickup alternative to door-to-door delivery alleviates the need for courier services and gives a positive impact on traffic congestion and transportation costs. Store customers can pick up their parcels while running other errands and come to the store whenever suits them best.

Cleveron AS is an Estonian technology company developing parcel robots and terminals with more than 15 years of experience in parcel delivery technology. Cleveron's solutions are used in 51 countries around the world, and the company's customers include world-renowned retail and logistics companies. Among others, its solutions are used by Inditex/Zara, H&M, Falabella, UPS, and DHL.

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