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Cleveron partnered with Virgin Megastore

17.10.2019 | Virgin Megastore, Cleveron, Clients
Virgin Megastore’s e-commerce platform has just added a great feature to complete its customer journey in-store. With their latest addition to their click & collect option, the robotics-based Cleveron 402, Virgin Megastore is aiming to smoothen the delivery process for its customers when they buy online.

Situated in Virgin Megastore’s Mall of the Emirates branch, the Cleveron 402 is the ultimate in-store parcel delivery solution where customers place their order online and choose the parcel robot as the delivery method. When the order is delivered to the robot, the customer scans the order code at the user console and the parcel will be delivered in a matter of seconds.

Virgin Megastore is Cleveron’s first client in the Middle East region and eventually, the partnership will expand into other branches around town. There is no doubt this initiative is just the start for the esteemed partnership focusing on a hassle-free shopping experience.

“Our goal is to grow globally and having a partner like Virgin Megastore in the MENA region is a great advantage point for us,” said Arno Kütt, CEO of Cleveron. “Virgin Megastore’s core concept – not to be just a store but to value their customers by offering something extra, provide entertainment and musical experiences, going the extra mile, is something we have in common. Our products are also created for the customers of our clients. They are meant to offer great customer experience, convenience and save time, bringing value both to the companies and customers,” said Kütt.

Virgin Megastore is an international entertainment brand, and the leading lifestyle retail destination in the Middle East & North Africa, with 49 stores in 9 markets. Since its 2001 establishment in the UAE, Virgin Megastore has constantly established and expanded its Middle East presence as well as its product offering to stay ahead of regional growing trends and expectations. A one-stop shop for all entertainment needs, Virgin Megastore covers multiple product lines & services like music, books, tech, gaming, fashion, toys, and ticketing. The brand has created a whole new experience in product offerings & events by balancing international trends while catering & adapting to local cultures across the region.

Cleveron was recently named as the Estonian Exporter of the Year in the state competition organized by Enterprise Estonia. In 2019, we have started cooperation with several new clients, including Falabella in Chile, Decathlon in Hungary, The Warehouse in New Zealand. Today, more than 3000 Cleveron's machines are operating in 25 countries all over the world. 

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