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Cleveron launched a personal parcel locker Cleveron 201 in Estonia

01.08.2018 | CleverPod

Cleveron 201 is operated through a mobile app which allows the owner to share the access with a courier company, the postman, family members and even friends. When the courier arrives with a parcel, groceries or even take-out dinner, they open the locker through the app, place the parcel inside and close the door. The app notifies the owner that a parcel was placed in the locker and they can retrieve it when they arrive home.

“The Cleveron 201 is based on the same vision as other Cleveron’s products – it is created to save your time and make your everyday life more convenient. Now you can install a personal parcel locker right in front of your house, so you will never have to wait for a courier or drive somewhere to get your parcels. You just come home and the parcels or your groceries are already there,” said Cleveron’s CEO Arno Kütt.

Cleveron 201 can also hold your everyday groceries since it has a special thermal box for items that require a certain temperature. When ordering food from an e-supermarket or take-away from a restaurant, the courier places the food in the thermal box which is designed to hold the temperature for two hours.

Cleveron 201 is piloted in Estonia, in selected areas together with supermarkets e-Coop and e-Selver and logistics companies DPD and Omniva. It is now available for rent from 14,90 € per month for homeowners in the pilot project areas. The locker can be mounted on the wall or it can stand alone, the homeowner can choose the color, the way the door opens and also order several button keys since the locker can be opened with the app or with a button key.

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