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Cleveron Partners with Bell and Howell to Jumpstart Parcel Terminal Delivery in North America

Cleveron has partnered with Bell and Howell to introduce parcel terminal delivery to North America. Bell and Howell is the pioneer of production mail inserting and sorting systems.

As the most developed e-Commmerce market in the world, North America presents the biggest challenge and opportunity. North America has potential for the most comfortable and cost-efficient parcel delivery format – automated parcel terminals. Cleveron and Bell and Howell see high potential. They have decided to join forces to introduce the most innovative parcel terminals to all market players. Both companies see a potential for 15,000 parcel terminals in five years.
Bell and Howell, with its long history and full coverage across North America, is an ideal partner for our initiative to introduce this delivery format to the market,
said Arno Kütt, CEO of Cleveron.
With its in-house operational experience and focus on end-user experience, Cleveron not only has the best technology in the market, but also the holistic approach to terminal delivery proven by results,
added Ramesh Ratan, CEO of Bell and Howell. For additional information, contact [email protected] or call +372 609 1671. For more information on Bell and Howell, visit www.bellhowell.net.


Bell and Howell

Bell and Howell is a trusted partner to the customers in their critical touch points with their customers, which include many of the world’s largest providers in banking, insurance, telecommunications, public utilities, postal, freight operators, governments and print and mail service bureaus. As the pioneer of production mail inserting and sorting systems, they have evolved their competencies in service, software and hardware technologies to enrich customer communications and commerce in print, mail and parcels operations and information infrastructure. Supporting these solutions is one of the largest technical service organizations in the industry across the United States, Canada, U.K. and Germany. Headquartered with manufacturing in Research Triangle Park, N.C., the company maintains engineering, sales and business presence in Wheeling, Ill., Dallas, Texas, Allentown, Pa., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, U.K. and Germany. For further information, please visit www.bellhowell.net.


Cleveron is an Estonia-based postal technology company that specializes in the design and manufacture of customer-focused automated parcel terminals and software. With a broad experience in logistics, Cleveron has a unique understanding of the challenges posed by the rapidly growing parcel delivery market. The mission of Cleveron is to make sending and reception of parcels as effective, fast, convenient and favorably priced as possible by offering modern technology-based solutions. Its automated parcel terminals for indoor use are present in eight different countries. In 2015, Cleveron has reinvented its newest automated parcel terminal called PackRobot. The model has a unique smart storage system that optimizes the use of available store and internal climate control for outdoor use.

Read Bell and Howell´s press release.

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