Self-Driving Robot Courier

Self-driving robot courier concept

In the future, the self-driving robot courier will automate the last mile and parcel handover from a courier to a client. This helps to manage growing e-commerce parcel volumes more effectively and make home deliveries more convenient for the consumer.
Self-Driving Robot Courier
Cleveron S2 Cleveron 501
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Development project 

Cleveron's "Robot courier development" project is co-funded by Enterprise Estonia with €477,555.05 from the industrial product development program funds. The project is scheduled to take place from 1.1.2020 until 31.12.2021.

The aim of the project is to increase Cleveron's export capabilities and expand market reach. 


Robot courier's story


Last Mile Delivery Innovation Award 2019

Cleveron’s self-driving robot courier won the prestigious Last Mile Delivery Innovation (The Journey) category in the Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2019 at Parcel+Post Expo in Amsterdam. This award recognizes companies who are leading the way in improving last mile delivery.

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Prototype launch

The self-driving robot courier prototype was revealed on November 30th 2018 at the Robotex International conference Generation R in Tallinn, Estonia. The self-driving robot courier is set to automate the last mile. This helps to manage growing e-commerce parcel volumes and make last-mile delivery more convenient for end-users.

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