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Cleveron 402 is taking on Europe


The robotic Cleveron 402 parcel terminals act as the automated online order pick-up points in Zara Milan, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester and the newly refurbished Zara Haussmann store in Paris. 

Cleveron 402, which is also used in Zara’s Stratford store in London and A Coruña, turns manual in-store click and collect parcel pickup into world’s fastest automated self-service. The client places an order in the Zara.com online store, receives an order code, goes to the store, scans it at Cleveron 402 and receives it in a matter of seconds.  

As a modular parcel terminal, Cleveron 402 can be modified in length and height. Depending on the size, the terminal can have up to 3600 trays for storing parcels.

You can read more about Cleveron 402 and the collaboration with Inditex from our the case study.

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Edith Väli

E-pošta:  [email protected]