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When innovation becomes a mind-set

07.03.2017 | Innovation, Management, Production
Innovation is an abstract concept that is difficult to define. Is it Cleveron’s goal to be innovative? Not really. It is just a process of how we do things. Innovation isn’t a rocket science. Everyone can do it. Usually innovation happens when two things are put together to make something new. Whether incremental changes or ground-breaking new products. Innovation can happen as long as the firm isn’t staying within their comfort zone. Cleveron’s journey of innovation begins with a problem. A problem that can’t be solved in an old-fashioned, existing way. The problem can source from Cleveron, something that we see in production that can be more efficient for example. But it can also come from our clients or even the end users, whose needs are not fully being met. It’s our job to come up with a solution to make our clients’ dreams come true. But it has to be kept in mind that innovation only works when people believe in it. There is a good saying When you believe you can’t do, you’re right. And when you believe you can do, you’re also right. And I can proudly say that our team does believe that we can do. Our work environment has been built around problem-solving - employees are encouraged to think out of the box. We hold in-house creativity competitions, arrange brainstorming session in the offices as well as inspiring locations. And recognize those who bring positive change to the firm. Innovation in itself isn’t a goal for Cleveron. But for us to solve the problems that we solve today, innovation is an everyday tool in our tool belt. I believe our products can make our clients' dreams come true. And we’re not done yet. I encourage you to set ambitious objectives and solve them with creativity. Give it a try right now. Innovation is in your mind and it's free.

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