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The world's largest parcel terminal installed in Tallinn


The newest, world's largest parcel terminal has 198 lockers for parcels and is the total of 17 meters long. In matter of fact, there are no other lockers in the entire world that could rival this giant both in terms of its dimensions and its capacity.

Following the growing usage volumes, the domestic logistics company SmartPOST has continued to expand its network of self-service parcel lockers. 36 of these lockers could be found in shopping centers all over Estonia.

One can order the goods from mail order catalogues (e.g. Quelle and Otto) and also from many Internet vendors to be delivered to parcel lockers. SmartPOST installed first parcel lockers last year. There are more than 100 subscribed vendors as of now. As an alternative to regular post, one can send parcels from one locker to another.

According to Indrek Oolup, chairman of the board of SmartPOST OÜ, they plan to expand the network even further. Moreover the service is becoming growingly popular among the customers as well as long distance retailers. The main advantages of parcel lockers are their accessibility and ease of use. All parcels can be collected without standing in a line along with any other errands one might have in a shopping center, Oolup describes positive sides of parcel lockers.

Estonia is the second country in the world after Germany, where such country-wide network of parcel lockers has been put to work.

SmartPOST OÜ is a logistics company that aims to make delivery and reception of goods purchased mainly from web vendors and mail order companies as prompt and convenient as possible. SmartPOST aims to offer best method for domestic distribution of postal parcels.

Below pictures show the parcel locker in Lasnamäe Centrum.  

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