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SmartPOST parcel terminal the Logistics Deed of the Year 2009


The SmartPOST parcel terminal service was declared a Logistics Deed of the Year at the Annual Logistics Conference. The service allows a person to person parcel delivery via lockers. SmartPOST network was launched in April 2009.

Published in Postimees newspaper.

The winner was decided by the jury and popular vote today at the conference at Hotel Salzburg.

A seven-member jury was made up of logistics journalists from Äripäev business paper and members of the management of Prolog. A vote by 230 participants gave to SmartPOST so strong result that the place in the first three was already cemented.

The two next prizes of equal weight were awarded to DPD Estonia and Tallinn Technological University. DPD received the award for launching an innovative ordering center. Tallinn Technical University was awarded for initiating a tradition of logistics seminars that have been organized by the students for ten years already, for providing sustainability of this tradition, and for an excellent organization of 2009 Logistics Seminar.

The nature of the first prize service is that it is possible to leave a parcel in one of the 36 parcel lockers located in convenient venues all over Estonia. After completing a card payment at thelocker, the parcel will be delivered to another parcel locker. The delivery can be made to any parcel locker in Estonia by the following day.

Another important feature of the locker is that one can conveniently receive the goods ordered from mail order catalogues or web retailers. The number of users and parcel lockers of Smartpost has been growing since the it was launched.

The advantages of parcel lockers are their competitive price, speed and convenience. The service provides better value, parcels are moving faster. One can access lockers at shopping centers even late in the evening,

Arno Kütt, member of the board, lists the advantages of parcel lockers.

Estonia is the first country in the world with a functioning person to person parcel delivery service via parcel lockers. The parcel locker network similar to that in Estonia is also created in Germany. The named network is founded by world’s largest courier company DHL but this network does not provide person to person parcel delivery option in the same simple manner.

SmartPOST OÜ is a logistics company founded in 2006. They aim to make delivery and reception of goods purchased mainly from web vendors and mail order companies as prompt and convenient as possible. In addition, they aim to offer a best method for domestic distribution of postal parcels.

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