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ROPIS Pushing Businesses Towards Retail Success

25.08.2023 | ROPIS, Reserve Online Pickup In-Store, Automated parcel solution

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, retailers are constantly striving to improve customer experience, encourage customers to make additional purchases and streamline delivery processes. E-commerce sales are expected to grow by 10.4%, and 16.4% of purchases are made online in 2023. On the other hand, the main difficulties retailers face are a vast amount of abandoned online shopping carts that do not materialise or online purchased items are returned. One of the latest business models strongly addressing these issues is ROPIS (Reserve Online, Pickup In-Store), which allows customers to reserve products online and make the purchase decision at a physical store. How does this affect the transaction success rate in retail stores?

According to Statista, 16.5% of sold retail items were returned in the U.S. in 2022. The return process is costly and unsustainable for companies. ROPIS gives stores’ customers flexibility and a sense of certainty needed, allowing customers to reserve the product online and make the purchase decision in-store. This business model enhances customer satisfaction by offering a low-risk shopping experience, flexibility, and reduced return rates for items purchased.

Cleveron has more than 16 years of experience in automating last-mile delivery and is well aware of today’s retail landscape and the market’s concerning disadvantages. Cleveron's Key Account Manager, Eron Krillo, underscores ROPIS's significance, citing costly logistics regarding returns as a driver for retail chains to seek eco-friendly solutions and minimise return expenses. He highlights: “ROPIS's potential lies in reducing returns and costs. It can be a largely automated process when implemented and managed with parcel delivery terminals. Directing online shoppers into physical stores results in a higher probability of additional sales while enhancing customer satisfaction and promoting positive environmental impact.”

Combining ROPIS with parcel terminals creates a powerful synergy that enhances last-mile delivery and benefits businesses. This combination offers secure and convenient parcel retrieval options for companies and individuals. The key to the ROPIS’s implementation success is the seamless integration that is convenient and fast for the end-user. Reserved items can be retrieved with a personal code and without the need for intervention by the store’s associate. After receiving the items, the customer will choose the suitable items and make a purchase. On average, of customers who reserve items online and pick them up in-store, 10-15% of them make an extra purchase. Increasing store foot traffic with the ROPIS model grows sales results.

Traditional last-mile delivery can be challenging, with missed deliveries and costly returns. Providing an easy parcel management system benefits the company and the store’s associates. Terminals handle order pickup, and in-store staff can focus on providing personalised assistance and a delightful shopping experience. Customers can quickly retrieve their reserved items at the time of their choice and receive expert attention for additional purchases or inquiries. Parcel terminals, such as parcel lockers or robotic solutions, offer a smoother, more efficient process, saving time and resources. In cases where customers reserve items but decide not to buy them, a situation might arise with surplus goods. In such instances, stores have two practical choices: they can put these items up for sale within the store, or they can opt to send back a batch of accumulated items to the central warehouse all at once. The notable advantage here lies in operational efficiency – unlike the one-by-one returns often required in regular home deliveries and returns, this method streamlines the process and enhances overall efficiency.

The impact of the ROPIS and parcel terminals combination is evident. Making the experience seamless fosters customer loyalty, encouraging repeat visits and building lasting relationships. Enabling customers to inspect items in-store reduces retailers' return rates, resulting in cost savings and increased satisfaction. In-store operations become more efficient and customer-centric, positively impacting the bottom line. Data-driven insights from parcel terminal usage enable retailers to tailor offerings to individual customer preferences, delivering a personalised shopping experience.

Innovation, seamless integration, and customer-centric approaches push businesses towards success in the competitive retail landscape. The powerful combination of ROPIS and parcel lockers offers last-mile delivery excellence and gives a great advantage over competitors. With the convenience and efficiency of parcel terminals, retailers unlock new possibilities, delivering seamless and enjoyable shopping experiences while driving success. Embrace the synergy of ROPIS and parcel lockers, and embark on a journey towards unmatched last-mile delivery excellence.

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