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Cleverooniks: Karl Joosep Einmann – From Understanding Customer Needs to Strong Sales Success

04.09.2023 | Cleveron, cleverooniks

Karl Joosep Einmann is a dedicated sales consultant for Cleveron's logistics segment, whose main areas of responsibility and tasks include customer acquisition and relationship building in the logistics sector. His goal is that in the future, major international courier companies in several countries will use Cleveron's parcel machines and robots to deliver their parcels. His activities focus on understanding customers' needs and finding suitable solutions.

Lessons in sales have shaped Karl Joosep's belief that listening is an essential skill in first meetings. He emphasises the importance of asking the right questions and listening to the customer, considering them extremely important in sales. "Speaking at first meetings is silver, but asking the right questions and listening to the client is gold," says Einmann. He knows that successful sales work consists of a deep understanding of the customer and understanding their bottlenecks, not just saying words.

To ensure a smooth experience for the client, Karl Joosep involves Cleveron team members as needed. He believes that cooperation with various field experts helps to overcome obstacles and ensures smooth cooperation with the client. Karl Joosep considers honesty, directness and proactivity to be the basis for establishing long-term client relationships. These qualities help him build trust with clients and ensure long-term cooperation. When we ask about his strategy for building relationships, Karl Joosep says: "Long-term trust is built with strong relationships." He believes that sincere communication and an active approach are key to achieving long-term cooperation.

Karl Joosep mainly uses a calm approach to cope with difficult sales situations. "I believe that one should focus on situations and activities that are directly under my control and influenced by my activities and not worry about those things that are not," Karl Joosep shares his approach to complex situations.

To improve himself in sales work, Karl Joosep focuses on consistent activity and its analysis. He believes practical sales work and feedback are more valuable than theoretical knowledge. Karl Joosep states, "Participation in real sales situations and their subsequent analysis teaches me more than any theoretical lesson."

Karl Joosep has strong optimism about the future. His commitment and positive attitude are a strong foundation for sales success in Cleveron. "The future cannot be predicted exactly, but I invest in consistent work and self-development. I always strive to make even better achievements and give my best to clients and the team," Karl comments on his mission.

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