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Cleveron’s development centre triples in size

16.10.2018 | Cleveron
Cleveron’s new development centre extension is now finished, tripling both the factory size and manufacturing capabilities. The new addition, opened on 10th of October, adds 7500 m2 to the already existing 3000 m2. The total cost of construction and new inventar was €4 000 000 which were paid from Cleveron’s resources.

The expansion enables Cleveron to reach €200 000 000 turnover per year – a goal which may soon be achieved since in the past couple of years, the turnover has tripled. For 2018, the predicted turnover is €45 000 000.

With triple the size, there is enough room to accommodate the assembly team and the growing office areas. Also, the R&D team, which operated in a rented building, can now continue their work at the development centre. The two-storey office area has a gallery with a mural “Everything is connected to everything” by the acknowledged Estonian artist Navitrolla. The 7 x 21 m mural depicting Navitrolla’s characteristic fantasy world is the largest the artist has ever created.

The opening party for the new extension was held in the actual assembly plant. It was attended by Cleveron’s clients and partners from Estonia, USA, Spain, Hungary, UK and elsewhere. The guest had the opportunity to see the existing products but also got a sneak peek of the prototypes of future products.

Photos: Sakala/Marko Saarm

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