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Cleveron Academy won ITL’s Achievement of the Year Award

24.03.2020 | Cleveron Academy

Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) awarded Cleveron Academy with the Achievement of the Year title.

Cleveron Academy, The Achievement of the Year 2019, is a 3-year study program, which was created in cooperation with the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences. The students, who are studying Robotics Software Development, are taught by university professors, experts and Cleveron’s specialists. According to Ivo Lasn, Member of the Managing Board at ITL, Cleveron’s study program can be brought as an example to other companies, who are looking for employees with specific competencies. „It’s not necessary to know and do everything on your own, you have to find the right partner. We believe that this cooperation model motivates other companies to work with vocational schools and universities.“

Cleveron’s CEO Arno Kütt is pleased. „During the past year, we have been assured that developing the study program has been the right decision. Our students are highly motivated – they are driven by the fact that we haven’t set a strict framework for solving a challenge. All solutions have to be worked out by the students themselves.“ Kütt finds that the state should pay for academic studies even if a student wants to join a private university. „Financing shouldn’t be limited to public schools. If we take into account that higher education in Estonia is free, the state should support other study models as well.“

Cleveron Academy offers a unique integrated study method, in which academic studies are accompanied by practical tasks in Cleveron’s teams. Cleveron Academy’s 20 students were selected by a test, motivation video or letter and a group interview. The students receive a scholarship, which includes free accommodation in Viljandi, lunch and a stipend of €400 per month. In addition, Cleveron Academy will cover the students’ tuition fee of €5,500 per year.

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