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Cleveron 15: Hugs and Kisses

22.07.2022 | Cleveron

To celebrate Cleveron’s 15th birthday we asked a few Cleverooniks to tell us their biggest win and to describe a fun or an otherwise unforgettable memory during their time with the company. Here are their stories.

Algis, technical support

Biggest win

I consider the biggest win to be moving from humble beginnings towards a bigger and more complex but a stronger and more stable organization. Technical support has gone through a big change during a very short period of time. At first, there were only a couple of people on the team who supported a few projects involving only traditional parcel lockers. Today there is a much larger team working towards a common goal with set procedures, supporting clients around the globe with both lockers and robots. And we support them in every aspect – during installations, maintenance, and also in wider rollouts. We do all this seven days per week and around the clock. It’s not easy by any sense of the word but everyone gives it their all, supports each other, and makes their contribution.

Unforgettable memory

I don’t remember exactly when this incident occurred but I remember vividly how one courier demonstrated their disc golf skills. The courier was inserting parcels into the Cleveron 402 parcel robot and for some reason, they had left one tray empty even though they had scanned the code on the package. Just as the machine was starting to move the tray away from the console, the courier seemed to remember that they didn’t actually put the package on the tray. With one swift motion, they made a disc golf style throw and I must admit, it was pretty accurate. The parcel flew with a nice curve straight through the console, landed on the tray, and didn’t even hit any of the console elements on its path. I applaud their accuracy but it’s still not the best way to insert packages. A few seconds later, the machine naturally crashed because the robot had measured the tray before the parcel landed on it and didn’t account for the height of the package.  

Marge, sales

Biggest win

I have worked in Cleveron for four years and during that time my motto has become how we can do something, not if we can do something. This way of thinking has gotten me out of seemingly hopeless situations and found solutions in cases where there were no solutions at first glance. I also take pride in my three onboarded distributors who have grown to be excellent partners to Cleveron and help us introduce our products to the world.

Unforgettable memory

I remember one time when we had just sold a parcel robot to a client in Western Europe, and I was demonstrating the product in their store. I wanted to show them how the robot identifies the package. Without thinking, I put my water bottle in the robot, but with robotics, you can’t insert any liquids or items that can roll around on the tray because the parcels are moved into place by a robotic arm. This resulted in the machine crashing in front of the client. I reached out to our remote support team in Viljandi, who took over and brought the bottle back out. Thanks to that incident the clients saw just how quickly our remote support works and were impressed by the demonstration. 

Karl Henry, pre-production

Biggest win

I consider the biggest win to be implementing automatic calibration with the help of cameras, which was started in 2018 during our hackathon. The solution, created as a team effort, is now used with the Cleveron 402 and 501 and is a vital tool in both installations and maintenance. Before we had to enter the robot to check the loader's position in the machine by hand but with automatic calibration, we can do it using cameras, and the time needed to perform the task was reduced from 4 hours to just 15 minutes.

Unforgettable memory

My most unforgettable memory during my time at Cleveron was my first trip to the United States back in 2018 when we went to Bentonville to install the Cleveron 402 parcel robot. After the installation, we got to experience local life and I got excited by everything being so big and cool. We also went to a local college football game – the crowd, the stadium, and the entire atmosphere left a vivid memory. 

Katrin, HR

Biggest win

I consider my biggest win to be my team, who I get to work alongside every day. I value them and their contribution very highly. At Cleveron I feel I can actually do things and make a change, all while applying my previous experience.

Unforgettable memories

I am in contact with a lot of people in my everyday job – both from inside and outside the company. The most memorable cases are to do with job applicants. For example, we recently got an email that was directed to our HR Specialist Enely but the sender had made a little typo and the title said “Dear Enemy”.

With many roles, we require the candidate to send over a video where they answer different questions. We have received some incredible videos but sometimes we get creations that leave us speechless. I remember a video, where a woman was sitting by a stream and was brushing her hair. I saw her mouth move and I believe she was answering the questions but the sound coming from the stream was louder than she was. So, we watched a 3-minute video of a woman brushing her hair by a stream.

We mostly recruit people with a background in formal sciences, including engineers and software developers and we had a candidate who had decided to send over a cover letter alongside their resumé. The letter was long, formal, and correct but for some reason, they decided to end it with the words “hugs and kisses”. 

Jaanika, marketing

Biggest win

We’ve had quite a number of wins, from successful product launches all the way to organizing a global virtual event. At Cleveron, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of various projects, including organizing the Prime Minister’s visit and installing a grocery robot using augmented reality. I am lucky to have had a great team around me for all these years who don’t get shaken by big goals or tight deadlines. Instead, they always manage to see the positive in every situation and truly support each other. That for me is priceless.

Unforgettable memory

When I joined the company, I knew that things moved quickly here but just how quickly, needed some getting used to. I remember a day when I was still working as a specialist and received a call from my boss at the end of the day. They said that the CEO was going on live TV and wanted to talk about our new product that didn’t even exist yet. My job? Launch the product in 20 minutes. I asked for renderings from our designer, created the landing page, and wrote a value offer based on approximately 5 bullet points. I finished two minutes after the live show had started and I was pretty happy. I decided to go for a walk, while my partner stayed to watch the show. When I came back and asked how it went, he said that the product was never mentioned.

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