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Cleveron 000: Next-Generation Parcel Machine for Fresh Eggs Delivery for Farmers

01.04.2023 | Cleveron, Cleveron 000, April 1st

On April 1st, Cleveron launches its newest product Cleveron 000. The machine is just from another planet, making farmers' lives easier and saving them money and time. Cleveron 000 is perfect for independent farmers and more significant enterprises: it maintains the right temperature, hands out the product within seconds, and self-destroys over-the-date eggs. It is the easiest and quickest way to deliver fresh eggs to end-users.

What are Cleveron 000 functions?

  • Eggs storing – the parcel machine maintains a steady temperature, regardless of the temperature outside the locker.
  • Creating an order – customers can buy 5-1000 eggs at once, and the machine puts the order together.

  • Handing out fresh eggs – customers have to choose the amount, pay for the order, and take their box of eggs with them.

  • Destroying old eggs – the machine will destroy overdue date eggs. The machine packs the destroyed eggs in a biodegradable bag and the owner can easily take it away.

“We all want to eat healthy, consume high-quality food and support local farmers. Estonians eat 160-170 million eggs per year. We want to support eating organic eggs from local farmers,” says the CEO of Cleveron about the new solution.

Benefits of Cleveron 000

  • Thanks to the size, minimal site requirements and easy installation, Cleveron 000 can be placed in easy-to-access locations for consumers, e.g., a parking lot, where they can offer a fast and convenient pick-up option.

  • The parcel machine is open 24/7. Are you in the food industry or just want to make pancakes at home, consumers can have access to fresh eggs any time they need.

  • It takes seconds to get fresh eggs from Cleveron 000.

Cleveron 000 first user Golden Yolks OÜ is very satisfied with their new machine as the investment is already paying itself off. “At first, I was sceptical, but after a month of use I can tell, this is the best business-related thing I have ever bought. People love it – it is convenient and easy to use, and they know they always get the best quality eggs from there. Our sales have grown rapidly over the past three months, and customers are pleased they can get fresh organic eggs at any time,” commented the Head of Golden Yolks. “I would love to add Cleveron 000 machines to 20 different cities so everyone in Estonia could get high-quality, delicious eggs from chickens who have grown free run.”

This news is valid for one day only, on April 1st.

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