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Bauhof's customers can now pick up the goods at a time that suits them the best

29.03.2021 | Bauhof, Cleveron 351

For the company, customer satisfaction is paramount, as it ensures that he or she comes back to you repeatedly and does not turn to a competitor. Convenience and being there for the customer are integral parts of excellent customer service, and today it is possible to offer it through an online store that is always open. But how to take one step further as everyone seems to have an online store? What would be the possibilities of handing over online orders without the customer having to pay for the delivery? And how to do this at a time when people rather avoid visiting physical stores? Construction and horticultural chain Bauhof made it easy, convenient, and always open service for its customers to receive parcels via its parcel lockers. 

The goods are delivered to the customer at a convenient time, without additional costs

At the end of last year, Bauhof introduced the first Cleveron 351 parcel machines in Laagri and Tartu stores. Through parcel lockers, customers can pick up their goods 24/7 without extra transportations costs. In March, Bauhof further expanded its parcel locker’s network and then installed machines in all Bauhofs all over Estonia.

“We can see from the sales statistics that the majority of customers do not want to pay extra for transport and therefore it is preferable to pick up the ordered goods in the store,” said Priit Vao, Bauhof’s Director of eCommerce. Now the customers of construction and horticultural chain can choose “Telli ja Nopi” (“Order and Collect”) delivery option, which means that the customers can go and pick up their ordered goods at any time that suits them the best without any delivery costs. The parcel machines are located outside, near the Bauhof’s main doors, and are accessible at any time. “We aim to reduce queues during peak hours, and by using outdoor parcel lockers, we offer customers a contactless way to receive their order. Also, receiving a package doesn’t depend on the opening hours of the store,” explained Vao. “There have also been cases where customer’s main requirement has been that he or she can pick up the packages only via parcel machine.”

When shopping centers are closed, online stores and parcel machines are always open

Last December, the first Cleveron 351 lockers were installed at Laagri and Tartu Bauhof’s. “In December we saw that parcel machines are a very convenient way for customers to pick up ordered goods. The customers usually picked up their packages within the same day,” said Vao. At the beginning of the new year, Bauhof decided to install lockers at all stores in Estonia. “A new wave of COVID-19 virus spread was expected in the spring of 2021. Because of that, we decided to expand our parcel machine network to ensure the customers can receive their orders contactless in every Bauhof store.”

The newly installed lockers also have more oversized doors, ie the choice of goods to order to the parcel machine expanded even further. Cleveron 351 parcel machines are located near the main entrances of the stores and are immediately visible to customers. Each company can design the exterior surfaces of devices to suit them, making the parcel machine an additional advertising space.

Bauhof Group AS is an international chain of construction and horticultural stores belonging to Vilnius Prekyba Group. The mission of Bauhof is to inspire people to build and garden with their wide range of goods and new idea solutions. Bauhof is happy to share new ideas and provide practical advice, as high-quality results are paramount. Bauhof has an online store and 13 physical stores all over Estonia. 

Cleveron 351 is a compact outdoor parcel locker suitable for smaller businesses with an established online store, but not only. This solution is also ideal for issuing orders, spare parts, rental goods, and handing over keys and documents. Cleveron 351 is easy to install and deploy. With the help of a parcel locker, it is possible to deliver goods to the customers without additional transportation costs. Customers can choose a preferred time to pick up their orders, and with the help of a parcel machine, the parcels are handed over without human contact. Parcel lockers and robots help retailers be present for their customers at all times. Cleveron's solutions make handing out online orders quicker and more efficient, saving time and money for retailers and customers alike. 

Photo: Bauhof

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