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Accessibility - what it actually means?


Cleveron’s goal has always been to make parcel delivery faster, smarter and more efficient. However, it should not available for only one group of people. By moving our focus to the US market and acquiring a retail giant Walmart as a client, we were hit with reality. 

Our PackRobot truly is not accessible to everyone. Yes, we had considered people with disabilities, but we had forgotten visually impaired people. It became my duty to make is accessible to everyone. In the US, there are laws and regulations that determine, which products can be used in the country. If you want to introduce your product on the US market, it has to comply with all the necessary regulations. 

Even though those regulations were the trigger to PackRobot becoming accessible, it was not the only reason for the change. We do want everyone to be able to use our products. The process of turning PackRobot accessible was not an easy one in the beginning. The majority of time I spent on figuring out what me and our team of engineers and IT specialists had to do. The ADA regulations in the US are not that easy to digest. However, once clear about the task, the rest came relatively easy. Technology for visually impaired people is rather advanced and became the basis for Cleveron’s accessibility software. 

With a bit of modification to fit PackRobot, it was ready for testing. I am genuinely pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with representatives from the Estonian Federation of the Blind. They helped me tremendously in seeing the faults in our work and better it. As a results of few months of work, Cleveron’s PackRobots in the US are now accessible. Anyone is able to receive their parcels from the PackRobot now. 

 Even though currently only the US PackRobots are accessible for the blind, then my hope is that the rest of our clients will request for this upgrade as well. It is of great value to any company if it takes into account any kind of disability and builds its business to fit everyone. Fingers crossed that our efforts will reach those, who require this solution.

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